Blandine Fort lost her boyfriend Vincent Mellouet on March 4th 2012. It was a tragic news and it´still very hard to understand for Blandine, what happened as she went for many trips with Vincent and filmed him during his wave sessions. The trip to Fuerteventura´s North Shore was the last one in the end of February and beginning of March 2012, just a few days before Vincent passed away. His death left a big hole in the life of Blandine and many friends.


Blandine edited a really nice video, called “Sail, my love” from the great footage she got at this last trip. Vincent sailed at Majanicho, Punta Blanca, Puertito and Cotillo. And she expressed her feelings in the end of the video by following words:


“In memory of you, my best friend, my everything, my world. I miss you so much…”


With this clip Vincent lives on in the big windsurfing family. Thank you Blandine for the beautiful video.