HO’OILO means Winter in Hawaiian and 2015/16 was Rudy Castorina’s best winter season since he has been living in Maui, Hawaii. Thanks to the “el Niño”, a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns, which produced an increased amount of sizeable swells, Rudy got more chances to ride huge waves in Peahi (Jaws) compared to the previous years. He was riding big swells with the windsurfing gear or on the tow in board. It looks terrifying, when the French big wave expert rides big dark walls of water on Maui’s North Shore. And Rudy is hungry for more big swells. Let’s hope the season 2016/17 will fulfill his dreams.

Rudy Castorina: “It feels good to have lived thru and enjoyed such a special season, everything line up and with the support of my ‘ohana, family, friends & sponsors this is what happened.”

HO’OILO – WINTER 2015/16, a big wave surfing film by Rudy Castorina/Mr Daii Prodz about Peahi, Maui, Hawaii


Air: Idan Shemtov, Justin Edwards
Water: Jace Panebianco, Larry Haynes
Land: Giora Koren, Jake Miller, Casey Hauser, Eliot Leboe



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