Ruben Lemmens lives at Woodside, San Mateo County, California and is an addicted wave sailor and likes to travel. Windsurfing has given a lot to him in his life. Graham Ezzy took him to Madagascar for an exciting trip. Ruben is as well excited about the AWT. He released a video as a preview clip for a longer Madagascar video, which contains a few still shots, too and shows Graham and Ruben on Madagascar. He speaks about his trip to the remote spot in the Indian Ocean and his participation in the AWT (voice-over) and the importance of the tour for the sport of windsurfing in the United States.


“Windsurfing has always been an integral part of my life, introducing me to my best friends and taking me to places I never thought I’d visit. As I improve it’s difficult to look back and watch how I sailed, however memories from these trips have lingered. To me this concept devalues the actual sailing but shifts the focus to how I was influenced by the situation as a person; a windsurfer. Although this is just a preview, and I’m not sure when the actual video will be finished, I hope to convey how profound the sport of windsurfing is and how wonderful the people are. A special thanks to Kevin Pritchard for the footage, and the motivation to start a video. Also thanks to Graham Ezzy for taking me to Madagascar and the Gaspard family for hosting us.” Ruben Lemmens


Watch Ruben Lemmens video about Madagascar