Romain Pinocheau (F-08) lives on the island of Il de Re, the home of multiple windsurfing World Champion Antoine Albeau, and is on a good way. He now got a wildcard for the first PWA Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf, Austria. Romain produced a really nice video about his training in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil during the winter months. We had a chat with the 22 year old French man and as well have an interview plus a few shots. Good luck for the season, Romain!

“For the Wildcard for Poderdorf, I’m really suprised and stocked too. I don’t realise ! It’s a big opportunity and I would try to do the best, but the level on the PWA tour is high, really high ! I’m actually training in the Southern France, at l’Almanarre. I received a new F2 board and I want to train more with it, but 3 weeks are really less time. I will also participate at the Wind Meet Rognac ( 12-14 April ). I think it’s a good preparation for Podersdorf because I just did 3 freestyle heats in my life.” Romain Pinocheau about his wildcard for Podersdorf 2013



C7: You released your trailer about the movie Brazilian Cravings. You got more than 3500 views. Did you expect that?

Romain Pinocheau: I just clicked on 3500 times ! No seriously I was really surprised and happy, it’s through the sharing on social network and Continentseven, and thanks to the qualified editing. 


C7: How many views do you expect on the full movie now?

Romain Pinocheau: I really don’t know… I just hope that people will enjoy it! The last movie “Brazil training 2012” was destined for broad public with some Brazilian footage; there were many moves and very little lifestyle this year… We’ll see !


C7: Was it your first time in Gostoso?

RomainPinocheau: No, it was my third time, I’ve been coming here since winter 2010. The last two years, I stayed 3 months, and this year I stayed “only” 2 month because I participated at the “EFPT Six-Fours”. I know that area now and it remains a real pleasure to sailing there!

Shaka action at Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

Shaka action at Sao Miguel do Gostoso.


C7: How was your time at Sao Miguel do Gostoso?

Romain Pinocheau: Perfect like ever! With ideal conditions for training, something like minimum 20 knots every day (6 months alizé wind in winter) sometimes the wind rises above 30 knots. The spot is a little choppy but we can have some nice waves day, on this time it’s made to see Kauli Seadi, fly off with a huge back loop on small thirty centimeters wave !


C7: How old are you, where are you from and for how many years have you been windsurfing?

Romain Pinocheau: I’m 22, I live in Ré Island, I started windsurfing at 12 years old, and freestyle since the summer 2010. Almost 3 years !


C7: What is your homespot?

Romain Pinocheau: My homespot is on Ré Island at La Couarde Nord . That a perfect freestyle spot, with a little choppy area for aerial moves and some flat on the back run for sliding. This is my favorite place, likewise Port la Nouvelle and l’Almanarre in south of France.


C7: Do you have any windsurfing idols or anyone, who inspires you in freestyle windsurfing?

Romain Pinocheau: Yes ! I really like the explosive and radical style of Gollito and Steven, their Flaka Shaka and Double Burner, they inspire me. I like watching movies from Hawaii made by Campello and Brawzinho too, it’s so radical!


C7: Who filmed and edited your trailer and movie?

Romain Pinocheau: “B 311 Production” studio team joined us ( me and Hugo Guias pro kitesurfer) in Brazil at Sao Miguel do Gostoso along january month. The project was to make movie session and shooting as workable depending on the  weather. He was filming with a “Canon 7D” and various tools like a steady cam and other.

About the editing, this is Romain Marie who built it, a friend from study sports who makes some montage study in Paris. He was as well the editor of the movie from last year and probably for the next one! He’s working with Final Cut Pro and After Effect.


C7: What’s the most exciting move for you in windsurfing?

Romain Pinocheau: My favorite move is the Air Funnel, and the most exciting…  Goiter with a little wave!

Romain likes Goiters in little waves.

Romain likes Goiters in little waves.


 “Brazilian Cravings”, a film with Romain Pinocheau produced in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil

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