There’s a place on the farthest corner of Hiiumaa island in Estonia called Ristna. And according to the local windsurfers Ristna is one of the best wave spots in the Baltic states. 

Jurgis Vitols: “Last year in the end of the October mother nature cherished us with 4 amazing days in a row of wind and waves in Ristna. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, rainy, cloudy, hot or cold. When you get yourselves in these waves you don’t think about cold feet, freezing fingers or gloves that can disturb your fun. Only thing that matters is the smile you get in these waves. It’s a destination we try to visit whenever there’s a good forecast despite of the 7 hour oneway drive to the spot. There has been times we are going there and coming back on the same day, that makes 14 hours trip. This time we had an opportunity to spend four unforgettable days in a row there.”


Windsurfers: Jurgis Vitols LAT747, Krisjanis Tutans LAT168, etc.