The season 2011 was a very successful one for the Dutch freestyle windsurfer Rick Jendrusch (H-120). The 17-year-old local from Brouwersdam, won not only the first prize at the Dutch Championships in the category under twenty years, but also won the World Title in Freestyle for youth! This year he had his debut on the PWA tour at the Surf Worldcup Podersdorf and he made an 17th place at the PWA event on Lanzarote. Seems like F2 has noticed the success of Rick and offered him a sponsordeal and even an own Pro Model, the RODEO 80 Rick Jendrusch.

Below you can read a statement from the F2 product manager Daniel Aeberli and an interview with Rick about his new board, his change and plans for 2012.

Daniel Aeberli, product manager of F2, thinks that is is time for the next generation: “It is about time to think about the future of freestyle windsurfing. Now it is time for the next generation, and Rick Jendrusch is in my eyes one of the next freestyle heroes … with all his motivation and pleasure…just getting better every time he steps on the water. 2012 will be his first full PWA year and we can´t wait, how he is going to show the older boys how it´s done. We wish him all the best for the 2012 season and hope he will enjoy the ride of his new Golden Board, the Rodeo 80 Rick Jendrusch.”


Interview with Rick about his sponsorchange, his own pro-model and his plans for 2012.


C7: Simple questions. Why did you change your boardsponsor?
Rick: After the World Championship under 20 in Holland F2 came to me and they had a nice offer for me that I would get my own pro model board! That is really cool and for me a good way to learn new tricks. An in the F2 team I can grow easier! That was for me the most important by this change!


C7: Does the F2 fit better for you or what is the difference compared to your previous board from Starboard?
Rick: F2 is a more radical and that is good for my style and it looks better then! It’s a completely different shape as the Starboard and for me the firt time I sailed on the F2 it felt directly good!


C7: Which boards are you going to use?
Rick: I gonna use the F2 Rodeo 90 and my pro model Rodeo 80!


C7: So, you will get an own pro-model. How does this feel?
Rick:  Your own pro model is pretty sick! You have your own board and the board is how you want it! For a windsurfer it is the best board he can have, it is made for him how he wants it! And I am pretty proud to have my own Pro model, not everyone has an own pro model board!! I can help in the devolpment of my own board for the first time and I can learn a lot!! I see it as challenge! I tested the prototype of this board in September and the first shape was already super good.


C7: One of your teamcolleagues is the current Freestyle Worldchampion Steven van Broeckhoven. Any training sessions planned together with him?
Rick: Steven is a really good sailor and I can learn a lot from him! He is world champion and we train a lot on the same spot at me my home spot Brouwersdam. When he is sailing there I train already a lot with him and learn a lot! But for sure we gonna train now even more together!


C7: Looking back on your 2011 freestyle season. What were your highlights?
Rick: 2011 was a really good season for me! I start in my first PWA competitions and my highlight was for sure my World Champion Titel under 20 years on my home spot the Brouwersdam. Also my 17th place in Lanzarote was a good one, I am verry happy with that for my first year of PWA competition! Also I am for the first time dutch champion in the category under 20!


C7: And your goals for 2012?
Rick: My goals are to be in the top 16 of the PWA ranking 2012, I gonna try to do all the PWA events! Also I gonna try to do all the EFPT events and become in the top 10 there! And for sure train hard on new moves!


C7: How and where will you prepare for the 2012 season?
Rick: I go this winter for 1 month to South Africa to train for the season! Afer South Africa I go directly to the PWA in Vietnam. Then I go back to school and maby I want to go for one or two weeks to Dahab, but that´s not sure!


Thanks for the interview and good luck for your next steps!


Watch a video with Rick on his new board: