Andre Paskowski has released a new clip with left over footage from his actual movie “Rewarded“. For Rewarded, the German has invested in a new camera, the Sony FS700, which can produce 240 frames per second in Full HD quality. For Andre, this camera is the real core of the movie: “Every second of realtime is 10 seconds long in the movie or let´s say, it is a 10 times slow-motion. You can creative this effect also with programms called Twixtor or heavyweight cameras and big hard drives, but the problem on Twixtor is, that it is only a programm and not the reality. It calculates all details in between each of your pictures to create the slow-motion effect. But the real slow motion comes when the camera can film slowmo. Well, this camera plus a water housing makes the footage possible! This combo enables perspectives and scenes, which are unreal and which I have never seen before in any windsurfing clip or movie.”


If you haven´t seen the movie Rewarded, watch it here.


Don´t forget to switch to HD quality!