“Camille Juban wins the super session at Ravine Blanche!”

Camille Juban is in favour of the competitions at La Ravine Blanche (Pic: RWC/Gilles Calvet).

The wind and the waves were not there this morning on day 3 of the third edition of the “Reunion Wave Classic”. It was an opportunity for the riders to go and visit the local market of St.Pierre, which is teh city located next to teh spot La Ravine Blanche.
Around midday everyone gathered on the famous spot of Ravine Blanche. From there, the riders took their time for lunch because the wind was still too light. Around 1pm the waves got bigger and the trade winds started to get stronger. Local organizer Pierre Godet decided to send everyone on the water to ensure a good show for a large public. A big crowd started to gather on the beach. At 2.30pm the waves are sometimes reaching over 12 feet in height. But the wind was not suitable to run a full competition. A one hour long super session followed.


While this afternoon on day 3 the wind stayed light. Riders with a good knowledge of the local spot had an advantage at the tricky spot. A lot of experience in the waves were required to make the most of these already hardcore conditions with gusty wind and mushy waves.
Camille Juban provided a great show. He perfectly knows the spot as he was there on the two previous editions of the Reunion Wave Classic. He has an amazing surf style with a perfect timing. With a huge Air 360 landed the young Guadeloupean rider wins the super session! With his powerful style, deep bottom turns and big cutbacks always launched in the critical section of the biggest sets of the day, Julien Taboulet finished a close second.

Julien Taboulet knows the spot (Pic: RWC/ Gilles Calvet).

Jules Denel definitely surprised in the super session! The young French rider showed some solid rides and a huge aerial and he finished third. An official round on the this year´s ‘Réunion Wave Classic’ has not been started.

Jules Denel takes a lot of risk on a big wave (Pic: RWC/Gilles Calvet).

But a huge swell with a good period and with strong wind is forecasted for the upcoming week and we should see several rounds! The this year´s fleet is smaller compared to the previous years. Just 9 riders are competing. 6 are international riders and 3 are locals. Have a look on the teams!


Team 1
– Pierre Godet (Local)
– Tom Hartmann (Austria)
– Leon Jamaer (Germany)


Team 2
– Steven Pichot (Local)
– Colin Sifferlen (New Caledonia)
– Camille Juban (Guadeloupe)


Team 3
– Sylvain Bourlard (Local)
– Jules Denel (France)
– Julien Taboulet (France)


Result Super Session:

1. Camille Juban
2. Julien Taboulet
3. Jules Denel


© Pics by rwc2011/Gilles Calvet, Steve Palier/Open Ocean Media