15 minutes of pure radical wave action mostly captured in Ravine Blanche from the Reunion Wave Classic 2009. In 2m to almost 8m high waves powered by a solid 30 to 35 knots wind, the sailors went big and charged hard despite a very sharp reef and nasty sea urchins ready to greet them at the slightest error!

Another great contest after the 1st “Wave Classic” in Fuerteventura in March 2009, featuring this time top names like Fernandez, Taboulet, McKercher, Voget, Mussolini, Traversa, Bruch, Juban, Goffinet, Caste, Clancy and Sifferlen, all welcomed by super hot locals Pichot, Van Woerkens, Zabala and Godet…


Reunion Wave Classic 2009 – Official Video

by Pertusatofilms.com


Reunion Wave Classic 2009 – Best Moves



Day 1 Teaser