Day 3 and day 4 saw very good conditions at Ravine Blanche as well. On the third day the third round could be sailed and the team 2 of local sailor Godet kept the lead together with an impressive performing Julien Taboulet and a very strong Fabrice Beaux.

Close to the town of St.Pierre is one of the most radical and dangerous spots ofthe island in the Indian Ocean located: strong side to side offshore winds, hollow fast waves, which can break close out when the tide is low, a very shallow sharp reef and massive sea urchins.

The wind picked up to 35 knots on the 4th day and gave the riders a hard time. Some gear got ripped and some sailors hurt themselves, like Zane Schweitzer or Francisco Porcella.

Have a look at the slideshow of pics by Gilles Calvet taken on day 3 and day 4 at Ravine Blanche!