We already were wondering what’s going on with the Red Bull Storm Chase this winter. There were a few storms in Europe, like “Egon” in the beginning of January or storm “Zeus” a few weeks ago but there was never an alert as these storms didn’t meet the requirements of the event. Yesterday, March 12 the waiting period ended and today we got the press release about the closing of the waiting period. 


Red Bull Press Release: “There were a few storms but ultimately nothing matched our requirements. A warm and dry winter left organizers and competitors waiting for the perfect storm. Since early January, Red Bull Storm Chase competitors, organizers and crew have watched pressure maps, ocean temps, predicted wind speeds and swell forecasts – all in hope of the right combo of wind and waves. While several potential storms were tracked during the waiting period, none led to the issuance of the 120-hour alert.”

Klaas Voget: “We’re not looking for just windy days, we’re looking for a big storm system creating truly radical conditions that match the challenging requirements of the contest. The storm has to tick many boxes – stable forecasts and wind directions, size and duration of the system, temperatures, daylight, infrastructure. There have been several storms this winter and we’ve been tracking them all – but none delivered what needed.”

The event is shifted to the upcoming winter, the riders are already selected and have now plenty of time to get ready for the next cold winter storm, especially Philip Köster, who is still recovering from a knee surgery.

The selected riders are: Adam Lewis, Antoine Martin, Camille Juban, Jaeger Stone, Jules Denel, Philip Köster, Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Victor Fernandez and Kai Lenny