Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 – First action clip from Ireland

The Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 hit the north-west of Ireland. Wind speeds over 100km/h and big waves were the perfect ingredients for a radical Sunday at Magheraroarty.

Riders competed in three rounds of short heats that had them out on the water for about 20 minutes. Although each heat wasn’t a head-to-head battle, they were limited to two riders for safety and ease of judging. During each heat, riders collect points for each jump and wave ride – at the end of competition, they’ll receive points on a 1 – 10 score for their top five scores from each category. A five point bonus will go to the single biggest jump of the entire contest and five points for the best wave ride.

The event is far from over – while winds and waves take a quick break today, Monday, the forecast for ocean action is off the charts for Tuesday, with even more wind and much bigger waves headed their way.

Current standings are:
1. Philip Köster
2. Jaeger Stone
3. Leon Jamaer
4. Thomas Traversa

Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 – First action clip from Ireland

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Huge RESPECT to these true warriors for the brotherhood of WINDsurfing !


Windsurfing is the only sport that can comfortably handle elements of this level.
Hats off to these chargers, and to Red Bull for organizing this display of what is possible with Windsurfing.