Red Bull Rockets – A high-flying competition lands at Gran Canaria

Hurricane-force winds, the best riders in the world, a mythical spot that has already made windsurfing history. Red Bull Rockets holds its first edition from June 24th till June 30th in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria (Spain).

Red Bull Rockets brings the 16 best national and international riders together in a competition where the winner won’t be decided by a panel of judges. This time the rider who achieves the biggest jump of all will be determined by a measuring system based on real-time 3D motion tracking technology. This system, the most objective one so far, has been designed by, which has brought this kind of technology to a new high by allowing the data to be sent live. Every rider will have a device like this on the arm during the competition.
The event will take place in the striking location of Las Salinas de Pozo Izquierdo, in Gran Canaria (Spain), where world top riders will fight for the big prize of this vibrating competition. Of course, Philip Köster will be one of the “rockets”, as well as Víctor Fernández, the current windsurfing wave world champion. The full list of the riders in the competition will be available shortly.
Besides the prize for the biggest jump, there will be another prize for the best trick and a third consolation prize for the best wipeout. The exact day of the competition will remain unknown until two days before the beginning, as optimal wind conditions must be guaranteed.