Raphael Bauer freestyle action from Brazil

Raphael Bauer with brilliant freestyle action from Brazil

FOLLOW YOUR STOKE is a windsurfing series – directed & created by Julien Bru – that tells the story of windsurfers around the world. In this first episode he follows the young French freestyler Raphaël Bauer this winter in Brazil to Jericoacoara. It’s a great film that inspires you to take a trip, too.

My thirst for adventure is immense. I learned a lot during this trip. I have progressed on the water, and above all I’ve made new friends. Because I believe an adventure needs to be shared with people who inspire you… Raphaël Bauer

FOLLOW YOUR STOKE Ep1 – a windsurfing series starring French freestyler Raphael Bauer in Jericoacoara, Brazil

Produced by Julien Bru Studio

Directed & created by Julien Bru

Raphael Bauer in Jericoacoara, Brazil

Raphael Bauer nails a Shaka in Jericoacoara, Brazil at his favorite time of the day