Italian freestyler and wave rider Raimondo “Ray” Gasperini (I-157) from Roma had a session at Sì Agostino (Civitavecchia). The conditions were marginal, 14-18 knots, but the result is very different, as the complete clip was filmed from the air by a drone. The clip has not too much action, but some basic freestyle moves are landed really nicely and show the tricks in a perfect angle. When watching you can imagine how the board and rig rotates and it helps to understand or learn certain moves like Spinloops, Flakas, Spocks or Willy Skippers. Raimondo lands them all and imagine, that the Italian from Roma will celebrate the 49th birthday this year.

Drones are a great tool to show windsurfing from a different perspective at a relatively low cost. Francesco Guglielmetti has one and tested the drone for that clip.