Ever heard of Quiksilver windsurf school? If you haven’t, be prepared to.

The founders (windsurfers Žiga Hrcek, former freestyle competitor, and Nina Tanhofer) have so far been able to create a different and very special windsurfing story. Together with their team of skilled windsurfers and cameramen they travel the world’s best windsurfing spots, enjoying their full-time job and lifestyle – teaching people to windsurf or to master their windsurfing skills (from beginners to freestyle and wave lessons). Their story is 11 years old and it seems like this is just a start.

QSWS in numbers

  • 11 years
  • 120 unforgettable windsurfing adventures
  • More than 20 visited spots around the world
  • 4 visited world continents
  • 7 skilled windsurfing instructors
  • 18 team members
  • More than 3000 new and better windsurfers (their clients)
  • Never-ending fun


It might have happened that you met them on one of the spots you have visited on your windsurfing vacation. On the water, you cannot miss them. If you spot plenty of same looking Hot Sails Maui sails with pink spots, newest Fanatic Skates, high and low jumps, old and new age freestyle moves combined with endless smiles on their faces, then this is it – Team Quiksilver, an open minded family of windsurf enthusiasts that, once you meet them, will go under your skin and will help you improve your windsurfing skills more than you can imagine.


Camp 2017 in Egypt

Camp 2017 in Egypt


Quiksilver Windsurf School offers an all-inclusive professional windsurfing courses for all levels of windsurfers – kids, young guns, beginner, intermediates, advanced, freestyle and wave on various windy destination around the world. Their normal working day is starting with morning stretching, since as they say: “There is nothing more important than a good stretch!”. It continues with well-organized windsurfing lessons – starting with a theory on the beach followed by practice on the water. The participants of their camp are divided into homogeneous groups with similar windsurfing skills, a cameraman and an instructor who take care of them during the week of windsurfing challenges and successes. While on camp, the Quiksilver windsurf school team is on a mission – ticking every windsurfing wish from the bucket lists you bring with, striving to make all participants happy and introduce them to the lifestyle and the sport that takes you places. 11 years ago when they started the lessons with a video analysis – this was a novelty, today, it is a necessity. With hundreds and thousands of minutes of footage – there comes a bonus for every participant – his own private windsurfing movie.



Quiksilver windsurf school is on the tour for the whole year. Every year in December the windsurfing calendar is set for the upcoming year and in February each year, the adventure starts. Their spot choice is always determined with good wind statistic in the first place, affordable and easy connections, well-equipped windsurfing center and diverse windsurfing conditions. And if everything works out perfect, they always return. Just like they return to El Tur, Egypt, their windsurfing home, Vassiliki and Karpathos, their Greek lovers and Sardinia, their Italian “amore”. To spice things up a bit, they visit Moroccan waves in Sidi Kaouki and add some exotic in the end and beginning of their season with camps in Brazil and Vietnam. There is plenty more to explore, meet and learn, so their adventure does not have an ending, just new beginnings.

If you wanna join them on the way – call, write or poke them on the spot you’ll always get smiley answers.