NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021 ends with results in all age categories

The PWA Youth wave event in Cold Hawaii, Denmark was a good success. The event was a part of the “Cold Hawaii Games” with more than ten different sports events at Cold Hawaii. Kristian Kjøller, Head of the Cold Hawaii Games 2021, welcomes young wave windsurfers / surfers, their families or friends and a professional crew during the best period of the year for wind and waves.

Some of the best young European wave windsurfers and one Japanese rider participated in the 2021 Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth World Cup from September 12 – 18. The small cosy fishing village Klitmøller – Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii have been a well known PWA wave World Cup spot for more than a decade – was the headquarter for the event. In collaboration with Mads Bjørnaa from the surf club NASA (North Atlantic Surf Association) – Mads is an active PWA wave windsurfer with a lot of windsurfing knowledge and an active member of the club – they ran the youth event, which decided the World Wave Youth Ranking for 2021.

We do say boys and girls, but when we see them on the water doing massive double rotations,  jumps over the horizon or the smoothest wave rides, it’s hard to believe that they are only youngsters!! Mads Bjørnaa from the local surf club NASA.

The 24 young motivated wave windsurfers from 7 different countries (15 from Germany) sailed in a lot different conditions, in port tack and starboard tack conditions, in mushy onshore, in windy side shore and even in clean side offshore conditions. They had the spot for themselves with proper support from a safety crew. Additionaly the got judged professionally. Tour photographer John Carter showed up, too and captured the action. Some big names of the windsurfing scene, like Marc Pare, Klaas Voget, Björn Dunkerbeck, visited the event, too to support the young generation. The good wave windsurfing conditions allowed the organizers to run a complete double elimination in all three age categories of the boys and 5 rounds in the only ladies fleet, the U20 category.

All participants at the event site (Photo: ColdHawaii)

All participants, friends, family members, the PWA Crew and the organizers at the event site of the NASA surf club (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)


The PWA Youth Wave competition 2021

On day 1 the wind started to turn more westerly a bit after 3:00 pm and picked up to around 20 knots. All competitors were eager to get on the water and in true Cold Hawaii fashion sailing continued until dark. The PWA managed to run the single eliminations. Maria Morales Navarro won the ladies single elimination, Takuma Sugi the U20 men, Anton Richter the U17 boys and Arthur van den Brande the U15 boys.

Some video impressions from day 1:

On day 4 the wind turned offshore and a hurricane swell with 2 meter high waves arrived as predicted. Perfect down the line conditions for the all deciding heats in double eliminations of the U17 and U20 boys. Anton Richter won the U17 age group defeating local Tobias Bjørnaa. Takumi Sugi managed to win against Liam Dunkerbeck from Gran Canaria, who won last year.

Local Tobias Bjørnaa produced an excellent display in the first final after landing an aerial to force a decider, but the local boy couldn’t quite hold off Richter at the second time of asking. Richter may not be used to sailing on starboard tack, but somehow he achieved the highest heat score with 6 points to win the rematch and with it Richter walks away with the  title in the U17s division.  PWA/Chris Yates about the U-17 finals in the double elimination

The U20s battle was tough for Nick Spangenberg going up against Liam Dunkerbeck. In the down-the-line conditions Dunkerbeck junior excelled with his surf style earning plenty of points with the judges. Next up for Dunkerbeck was a match against his buddy – Marino Gil Gherardi E-959. This heat proved to be another exceptional one with two contrasting styles going head-to-head. Gil took the more aerial approach, whilst Dunkerbeck stuck to his surfing guns, which turned out to be the right decision with the 17-year-old earning the nod and the right to take on Takuma Sugi in the final.The next generation didn’t disappoint once more with Dunkerbeck and Sugi producing another high quality display, but Dunkerbeck couldn’t quite force a Super Final with Sugi successfully defending his Single Elimination crown to become the U20 champion. PWA/Chris Yates about the final heats in the U20 men double elimination

On day 5 20 knots north easterly wind conditions and proper waves allowed the U20 girls and the U15 boys to run their finals. Maria Morales Navarro from El Medano, Tenerife defeated German Maria Behrens. Danish local rider Line Bang Wittrup made it in 3rd. Arthur van den Brande from Belgium won the U15 final against Leon Maethner from Germany. Second best German rider Peter Gobisch completed the podium. The boys ran their first super session. Japanese rider Takuma Sugi, who spent the summer in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria, threw out a double Forward and landed a massive Back Loop, what brought him the victory in the first super session.

Even on the final day 6 the wind kept blowing from the northeastern direction and the waves were still rolling, what allowed the riders to show big jumps. The sun didn’t show up, but for these young riders it is all about wind. Talking about taking advantage of good opportunities the riders went out for one last time at this event. They showed their skills in a second Super Session trying to land moves they hadn’t pulled off yet. It was about time to shine. In a 40 minutes long heat everybody gave it all. Marino Gil landed a perfect Back Loop and won the super session. Takuma Sugi amazed everyone with a double front loop and brought home the second place to the kingdom of the rising sun. Last but not least, Lars Bubelach, put all his weight and power into a massive turn that meant to save the last spot on the podium.

During the award ceremony the PWA announced great news. They have secured fundings for the next two years to come due to sponsorships and hard work. 

Takuma Sugi, the champ from Japan, nails a clean Goiter (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Takuma Sugi, the champ in the U20 category from Japan, nails a clean Goiter (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Liam Dunkerbeck gets air off the lip (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Liam Dunkerbeck gets air off the lip and takes home a second place in the U20 category (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour).

Maria Morales wins the competition (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

A happy Maria Morales wins the ladies competition (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Anton Richter nails a Backloop and wins the U17 category (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

German talent Anton Richter nails a Backloop and wins the U17 category (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Final results NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021

Women under 20 (result after 5 rounds)

1. Maria Morales Navarro
2. Maria Behrens
3. Line Bang Wittrup
4. Sol Degrieck
5. Nadia Jablonski


Men under 20 (result after one Double Elimination)

1. Takuma Sugi
2. Liam Dunkerbeck
3. Marino Gil Gherardi
4. Nick Spangenberg
5. Lars Bubelach
6. Marlon Maethner, Luis Ilgner, Mattes Ilgner
9. Lasse Mummenbrauer, Sebastian Bail, Niklas Henseler


Men under 17 (result after one Double Elimination)

1. Anton Richter
2. Tobias Bjørnaa Andersen
3. Valters Videnieks
4. Hannes Gobisch
5. Arthur Kahrs, Grigorios Stathopoulos


Men under 15 (result after one Double Elimination)

1. Arthur van den Brande
2. Leon Maethner
3. Peter Gobisch


Result Super Session Boys:

1. Marino Gil Gherardi (Back Loop)
2. Takuma Sugi (Double Forward Loop)
3. Lars Bubelach (A Turn)

Marino Gil with a one footed Backloop in the Super Session (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Marino Gil with a one footed Backloop in the Super Session (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

More info about the Cold Hawaii region

Cold Hawaii is not a single surfing spot, but 31 registered surfing spots that are all located on the west coast of Thisted Municipality. North Cold Hawaii is bounded by Viksoe Rallejer and the Hanstholm coastal slope and in the south by the Agger Tongue. The netIP Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is held at The Reef, located in Klitmøller – better known as the capital of Cold Hawaii.

Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii is part of Thy National Park. The characteristic and unspoiled dune heaths have been created by the sea, the wind, the salt and the sand. Large plantations and some of Denmark´s cleanest lakes complete the picture of Denmark’s largest wilderness. A perfect place for plants, birds, animals and humans who enjoy a lot of space, high skies and lots of fresh air.

The extent of the dune heaths in Thy National Park, you will only find at few other places in Europe. The nomination to status of a national park guarantees the protection and preservation of the dunes and the dune heaths for the future.

Marc Pare knows all the secrets & spots (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Marc Pare knows all the secrets about the spots in the Cold Hawaii region (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Livestream action from day 1