Iballa Moreno and Philip Köster win the single eliminations at the PWA World Cup Tenerife 2014.


Top 4 lades and men after the single eliminations

Top 4 ladies and men after the single eliminations




Results Men’s Single Elimination

“Philip Köster took on Thomas Traversa in the opening winners’ final of the week and the duo gave an amazing display as they enjoyed a hard fought battle. Traversa took the lead early on as he launched into a radical tabletop forward before quickly adding a brilliant wave to his scoresheet – consisting of a vertical fluid turn straight into a smooth taka. With one solid wave in the bag, Traversa earned his best score of the heat on his very next wave – being awarded 7.5 points by the judges – to pile the pressure on Köster. The twenty year old had already landed a stunning one-footed, one-handed backloop by this point, but with no solid wave score he still had everything to do. Köster then headed upwind before hunting out a ramp, which he found, and duly launched into a trademark ankle dry double forward. However, with just four minutes to go Traversa still held a significant lead over Köster, who was still lacking two serious wave scores. The two-time world champion responded in the perfect fashion as he boosted into a sick frontside tweaked aerial, before rotating straight into a slick taka to halve the deficit. Then in true champion fashion Köster dug deep and produced another solid wave with his final chance of the heat to earn victory by just one point.” (PWA Press Chris Yates) 

Australian Jaeger Stone sailed strong in his comeback season and defeated German Klaas Voget. Jaeger got third after the single. Klaas was on form, but a bit lucky against Marcilio Browne, who just did one jump in his heat against Klaas and missed one jump as the jury counted two jumps at that time of the competition. The 2013 world champ did not recognize the change in the format from 1 to 2 jumps. What a bad luck, but he will for sure give it all in the double elimination.


Philip Köster in a double Forward rotation

Philip Köster in a double Forward rotation

1st Philip Köster 
2nd Thomas Traversa
3rd Jaeger Stone
4th Klaas Voget
5th Victor Fernandez
5th Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne
5th Dany Bruch
5th Leon Jamaer 



Results Women’s Single Elimination

The usual suspects qualified for the top 4. Daida Moreno, Iballa Moreno, Steffi Wahl and Amanda Beenen. In the semi final Steffi Wahl sailed a strong heat against Iballa Ruano Moreno until she lost her fins and she had to change gear. In the losers final for place 3 and 4, Steffi lost to the Dutch girl Amanda Beenen, who is definitely on form this season. In the winners final of the single elimination Iballa won against her twin sister Daida this time and leads the event at the moment. But as we know from the past, Daida will try everything to finish on the top of the podium after the double elimination. “In fact at the end of the heat there was only 0.25 of a point between them in terms of jumping. However, Iballa won the battle in the waves, with her best wave earning 8.375 points from the judges. On her way to victory Iballa launched into an exquisite frontside air and backed it up with a couple of vertical snaps to claim first blood in the single elimination.” (Chris Yates, PWA Press officer) 


1st Iballa Moreno 
2nd Daida Moreno
3rd Amanda Beenen
4th Steffi Wahl 


Iballa in a Backloop rotation

Iballa in a Backloop rotation