The Colgate World Cup Sylt has been started today. From 12:00 to 14:00 the registration took place in the equipment tent. Around 4pm 118 sailors from 32 different coutries walked from the event area towards the arena, called “Musikmuschel” swinging the flags of their nations.

Opening at the Musikmuschel - Pic: Continentseven

Opening at the Musikmuschel - Pic: Continentseven

The stars got welcomed with intense cheers by some thousand people, most of them aged a bit older. 36 times world champion Björn Dunkerbeck, who could win Sylt already 10 times and celebrated his 40th birthday this year, was impressed and stated: “It´s always a special feeling again, to be here and to be welcomed as a professional windsurfer. Sylt is like my second home.” 20 years ago the super hero has won for the very first time here at Westerland.


France has the biggest array of sailors with 20 competitors, followed by Germany with 18 and Spain with 11 registered worldcup sailors. Some nations just have one starter like Australia or Cabo Verde, but then the names are still known: Jason Polakow and Josh Angulo.