Today was a full day of slalom sailing here on Sylt with four complited rounds. And we saw three different riders winning: Antoine Albeau could win the first and the third race, Micah Buzianis won the second and Björn Dunkerbeck the fourth race.

Antoine Albeau - Pic:

Antoine Albeau wins two races today - Pic:

The conditions were tough with relatively high waves and wind in between 12 and 25 knots in the strongest period. It was a wind from northwestern direction and had a lot of power. Most of the riders used sailsizes in between 7,0 and 9,0 m and boards with a width of 64 to 85 cm, but most of the time boards from 64 to 70 cm.

At the starts the heats were quite packed and it was great to watch the races.

Standing after 4 slalom eliminations:
1. Antoine Albeau
2. Björn Dunkerbeck
3. Cyril Moussilmani
4. Micah Buzianis
full result