Steven van Broeckhoven wins the PWA Freestyle World Cup in Leucate in front of Gollito Estredo, Kiri Thode and Dieter van der Eyken. 

“I’m really happy to win again today it was very, very hard against Gollito and before the heat I was a bit nervous. I knew I had good moves on the way in, but wasn’t 100% about the other tack. It was a super close heat and Gollito pushed me all the way.”



PWA Freestyle World Cup Mondial du Vent 2015 – Result (after one double elimination)

1. Steven Van Broeckhoven
2. Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
3. Kiri Thode 
4. Dieter van der Eyken 
5. Amado Vrieswijk 
6. Taty Frans 
7. Anthony Ruenes 
7. Davy Scheffers
9. Youp Schmit
9. Romain Pinocheau
9. Yentel Caers
9. Nicolas Akgazciyan
13. Jeremy Plüss
13. Philip Soltysiak
13. Hugo de Sousa
13. Tonky Frans
17. Jacopo Testa
17. Giovanni Passani
17. Rick Jendrusch
17. Julien Mas
17. Adrien Bosson
17. Nic Hibdige
17. Antoine Albert
17. Adrian Beholz