“We walked down to the beach this morning and there was not a bit of wind blowing. And we are here at Pozo Izquierdo in July, the month with a really high rate of strong wind days!”

A different Pozo - Pic: Continentseven.com

From 10.00 to 12.00 in the morning the riders registered for the competition, which will last till the 9th of July. All the top names are here: Kauli Seadi, Victor Fernandez, Gran Canaria local and previous year´s winner Philip Köster, Iballa and Daida Moreno, Nayra Alonso. 14 ladies and 48 men are ready to go!

Have a look on the full lists here:

registered ladies

registered men

Kai Lenny vs Jamie Hancock and Ben Proffit vs Jules Denel will be the first possible men heat of the single elimination. In the ladies ladder Steffi Wahl will face Alice Arutkin and Justyna Sniady will face Karin Jaggy in the first heat.

ladies heat board single elimination

men heat board single elimination

Around 12.15 all the riders had to get in their yellow event lycra and place themselves on the stairs of the Pozo arena. Later the day the sky cleared up a bit, but the wind did not pick up. So everybody hopes to get some good conditions while the next three days here at Pozo Izquierdo for a first result on the 2010 PWA wavetour.

Annual grouppicture 2010 on the steps of Pozo - Pic: Continentseven.com