The plan of the racedirector Duncon Coombs was simple for day 2: He wanted to start the first heat at 10.00. But when we arrived at the beach, the wind was missing, only waves were breaking. But the wind picked up around midday and the first heat of the day got started at 12.15, it was heat number 14, which got abandoned the day before. The wind was still light, so Duncan Coombs decided to count only two waverides and no jump.

PWA Tenerife eventsite – Pic: John Carter


Heat 14: Kenneth Danielsen from Denmark seemed to like El Cabezo. He showed two solid waverides and took down Jamie Hancock. Ricardo Campello, sailing with a big kit, defeated 15 year old Artur Arutkin with a solid performance.

In heat 15 Thomas Traversa ripped the waves.  The waveriding only format fits him very well and we would bet he´d love to compete in this format only. He almost landed a massive wave 360° in a 3 meter high wave. Robby Swift won against young Danish sailor Christopher Frijs.

In the last heat of round 2 we saw a really tight heat between Ben Proffitt and Jules Denel. Both had excellent waverides with nice Takas, but in the end Ben won by half a point. During this heat the waves were breaking excellent at the reef of Cabezo. Current tourleader and worldchampion Philip Köster gave young Italian Federico Infantino a lesson in waveriding, he showed smooth rides with Takas,a Wave 360° and a lot of power.

Jules Denel – Pic: John Carter


After these three men heats, two first round ladies heats followed. Eva Oude Ophuis had probably the biggest wave of the day and Amanda Beenen showed nice waverides. Both advanced into the next round. Heat 2 saw Fanny Aubet and Steffi Wahl advancing. 

After these two ladies heats the first heat of round three in the men´s elimination got started. The wind has picked up a bit so Duncan Coombs decided to change the format: 2 rides and one jump were taken into consideration by the judges. But unfortunately the wind dropped during the heat. The heat got abandoned by Duncan Coombs at 13.45. The next start was scheduled for 15.15, but it took longer in the end. Heat 17 got resailed at 16.00.

Scott McKercher – Pic: John Carter

This time it was Scott McKercher, who ripped the waves next to the bunker in an impressive way and gained advantage over Dario Ojeda. Victor Fernandez nailed a perfect Double Forward and had more than 5 impressive waverides. His opponent Martin “Lampi” Ten Hoeve sailed excellent, but in the end he lost against his far more powerful opponent. Kercher and Fernandez are both in top 8 already.

Same for Mussolini and Bruch, who took out Voget and Horrocks. Mussolini and Bruch showed many radical waverides with Takas and Backside 360s. Mussolini took a lot of risk on his last wave and landed an Aerial in a very shallow section. He got punished and ended up on the rocks. We filmed it, so stay tuned for the video of his ride. Respect Mr. Mussolini. Klaas Voget and Phil Horrocks had to accept the enormous skills of the local sailors.

Bruch testing a new very short board – Pic: John Carter

The Skippersmeeting tommorrow is scheduled at 08.30 with a first possible start at 9.oo.