Watch some pictures of the first qualification round of the European Tow-In Championship at Podersdorf, Austria. The following 10 riders were fighting for three places in the final: Tonky and Taty Frans from Bonaire, Yegor Popretinskiy (Russia), Bryan Metcalf Perez (USA), Adrian Beholz (Germany), Nicola Spadea (Italy), Phil Richards and Adam Sims from the United Kingdom, Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard) from France and Austrian Max Matissek. After two jumps, the three best were found out: Nicolas Akgazciyan, Taty Frans and the local Max Matissek


Tomorrow it is the turn of the following 10 riders: Gollito Estredo, Antony Ruenes, Björn Saragoza, Kiri Thode, Mattia Fabrizi, Max Rowe, Quincy Offringa, Rick Jendrusch, Remko de Zeeuw and Marco Wedele