Day 4 saw no action at the water, but it was a wonderful day with blue sky after the heavy rain while day 3 and the night. Several guys went on the water with SUP boards or used the sparetime to get things done, like little photoshootings or preparing their gear for tomorrow or jumping at the bagjump. Several riders also decided to go on the trip with the Red Bull bus driving to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. There should be a chance for  a good party.

Max Rowe with some airtime at the bagjump (Pic: PWA/Carter 2011).

The PWA press office got some questions in and they got answered by the freestylers. They stated following lines: “With the prospect of another windless day in Podersdorf, we took to the event site to ask the riders your questions. Here’s what they had to say…”
For: Max Rowe

Max, we hear you drove out to Austria, is that true? How long did it take?
MR: “Yeah, I did drive. The GPS took us on the quickest route, it took us 25 hours from the UK, but we did stop to sleep a bit! It was just me driving as well! After this i’ve got to drive straight back to the UK for an event in Rhosneigr.”


For: Any (We asked Andy Chambers)
Do you think EFPT competition spots are more attractive than those which are held by PWA in Europe?
AC: “I wouldn’t say PWA events are less attractive than those of the EFPT, not at all. Take a look at here for example, this is an amazing event. Then there’s the Canaries, which are always windy and sunny. Sure, both tours have great events around Europe, but the PWA events are always bigger, and have more money behind them.”

Good airtime at the bagjumo at the beach of Podersdorf (Pic: Carter/PWA 2011).


For: Any (we thought Anthony Ruenes would be the man to answer this!)
Who’s had the least sleep so far this event?
AR: “I think Julien Mas, he’s been having a good time!”

For: Yegor Popretinskiy
This year more Russian riders are participating in PWA events. What do you think about the perspectives of the development of freestyle in Russia?
YP: “At the moment the Russian tour has just one event which happens each year in Egypt, but sadly that didn’t happen this year due to the political issues going on there. Sometimes there’s also an event in Anapa, but there aren’t so many events for Russian freestylers right now.
But, Russian freestylers are starting to run more events in Dahab, they are sick events, and they get good media coverage. This year they are going to try and run one after Sylt in the autumn, so things are looking good.
We have many good freestylers, but many have to do other jobs to afford to live, so don’t get to train so much. Like Vladimir Yakovlev, he’s sailing really good, he can push full power, for sure.”

Davy at Podersdorf, ready for some action ( Pic: Carter/ PWA 2011).

For: Davy Scheffers
You Davy, when are we going to drink beer again in de stump baby?
DS: I’ve stopped drinking! But I still love you man!


The current tourleader Kiri Thode, who likes nice curves (Pic: Carter/PWA 2011).

For: Kiri Thode
After beating Gollito in Vietnam, do you think this will be your year?
KT: “A lot of people are sailing really good, and it’s not easy to win an event. I will try my best for sure!”


Thanks to the guys for answering that small selection of questions emailed in. Investigative journalism aside, we can finally say with some confidence that there’s a very strong chance of resuming competition tomorrow, as both the forecast and the locals seem to be optimistic for some decent, and prolonged wind. We hope they’re right and looks like a first start can be scheduled for early afternoon at Podersdorf. Wind from northern direction should kick in and at the same time heavy rainfalls should start. The wind should stay while the next days as well. So there is a chance to see a result before the final day already.


The first possible heat will be heat 4 with Max Rowe against young  feestyler Christofer Kalk, who made it through a wildcard into his first PWA freestyle competition and Austrian Mauricio Alvarez against US American Bryan Metcalf-Perez. 22 heats are missing till the final of the first single elimination. Have a look on the actual standing at the PWA heat board of the first single elimination!



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