The day started sunny and calm. A breeze from southeastern direction built up during the day and allowed the PWA to run their first freestyle heats of the 2012 season. The conditions were gusty and the sailors had their competition far out on the lake. Too far away  for the thousands of visitors, who came down to the beach arena of Podersdorf.

Day 2 - Kiri Thode


The judges were sitting on a big boat, which got anchered in the muddy shallow lake. And it was not easy to judge as the sun was really far down. The conditions only allowed to complete the first four heats. The heat duration was set to 10 minutes and the best three moves on each tack were counted.

The Italian windsurfer Nicola Spadea and Tony Mötttus from Estonia were the first sailors who advanced into the top 32 fleet. Youp Schmit from Bonaire also convinced the judges and kicked out Jeremy Pluss. Youp landed fantastic moves like a Shove it Spock, an Air Funnell and a Puneta. The Dutch sailor Paul Boef took advantage over the Austrian Maurizio Alvarez. French Bosson and Italien Testa advanced as well. And the last two sailors, who advanced on day 2, were Quincy Offfringa and the German Adrian Beholz, whose hard training during the wintermonths seems to pay off.  The PWA also wrote about the German the following: “The sailor of the day was without doubt Adrian Beholz. Beholz landed anything from burners to e-sliders, but his best was a breathtaking rocket kono. Beholz showed what he is capable of today and it is bound to make other sailors sit up and take note.”

Heat 5 got abandoned twice and will be the first heat tomorrow. We will see US freestyler Brian Metcalf-Perez against Swiss newcomer Balz Müller, who made it through a wildcard into the competition and Adam Sims against windsurfing pro coach Marco Wedele.



At 21.15 the second qualifying round of the tow in championships got started. Kiri Thode, Gollito Estredo and Björn Saragoza dominated the big night show. Kiri got the highest score with a double Flaka into Piroutte, followed by Gollito with a perfect Burner into Funnel and Björn with a double Flaka. Besides the perfect tow in action we saw some massive crashes. The shallow water conditions close to the shore resulted in  a lot of broken boards.

Strong winds are expected for tomorrow at Podersdorf. Let´s hope that the forecast will come true and the single elimination will be completed. We´ll  keep you updated!