Today was the first day of the PWA Slalom in Alacati. Right after the registration the competition started. Two rounds could be finished in the men´s and ladie´s category.

Micah Buzianis had a great day and could win both races. In the ladies one race was won by Karin Jaggi and the second one by Valerie Arrighetti (Ghibaudo).

Result after two rounds:


1. Micah Buzianis

2. Antoine Albeau

3. Julian Quentel

full result


1. Valerie Arrighetti

2. Sarah Hebert

3. Fanny Aubet

full result

Here you can see the Winnersfinal of the men of Race Nr. 2 with Micah Buzianis winning in front of Jimmy Diaz and Antoine Albeau.