Day 1 at the this year’s Pozo Wind & Wave Festival was a lay day. The wind dropped from 20 knots to zero during the day and the French video crew from KSB Collective produced a creative clip with some of the  pros what they are up to, when the wind machine at Pozo Izquierdo is switched off. The do some other sport, play chess, read the newspaper, etc.t!!


Watch a clip, which gives a little view behind the scenes of the pros. Antoine Martin, who already has a place in the top 26 fleet, filmed the whole clip featuring Iballa Moreno, Alice Arutkin, Fanny Aubet, Victor Fernandez, Dario Ojeda,Marcilio Browne,Ricardo Campello, Kenneth Danielsen, Amanda Beenen,Ben Proffitt and Justyna Sniady.


Don’t expect any windsurfing action, as there was no action on the water.