At the moment 11 ladies and 38 men are registered for 2012 PWA wave event. That´s not a full fleet. Let´s see, who else will get a wildcard through the organizers today.


Who is missing on the list?

In the ladies fleet Nayra Alonso can´t compete, as she is pregnant and will get a baby soon. The same for Silvia Alba, who is pregnant es well. Justyna Sniady has broken her foot just before the competition and is now out of the game for a while. We really hope, that she will recover soon. As well not on the list is Dutch waverider Amanda Beenen. She is on Tenerife at the moment, but decided to start only at the PWA event on Tenerife.

In the men´s fleet we can´t find Boujmaa Guilloul, Camille Juban, Mikey Clancy, Jaeger Stone, Florian Jung, Graham Ezzy or Kai Lenny. There are no competitors from the USA on the list. Local Marcos Perez as well decided not to compete: “I don´t feel so much motivation right now.” Gollito Estredo, current Freesytle worldtour leader, as well is not competing in the this year´s event.


The fleets

Overall there are competitors from 10 different countries in the men´s class and ladies from 6 different countries on the list. Favourites in the ladies fleet are the Moreno twins, who constantly raise the level at their homespot. But still there are strong opponents registered, like multiple worldchampion Karin Jaggi, globetrotter Olya Raskina, Laure Treboux, Steffi Wahl or Eva Oude Ophuis.

The ladies 2012 at Pozo (Source: PWAworldtour 2012).

In the men´s category there are the Pozo kings Philip Köster and Victor Fernandez, a strong sailing Ricardo Campello, Marcilio Browne, local Dario Ojeda. It´s cool to see Robby Swift and Thomas Traversa on the list, seems like they had enough time to recover from their foot injuries. We are happy to see local Jonas Ceballos on the list again, as he was injured last year. 


The men´s fleet at Pozo Izquierdo 2012 (Source: PWAworldtour 2012). Marcos Perez is not on the list anymore, as he decided not to compete.