Bonaire cancelled, Aruba freestyle still not secured and no girl´s slalom at Costa Brava.

Today the PWA announced, that the event on Bonaire (Freestyle), which was planned for June this year, had to be cancelled due to lack of funding. PWA: “Despite the best efforts of all involved, a substantial cut in available government funding for the event has meant that the organisers have had to cancel their plans for 2012 and will now look ahead to bringing the event back for 2013.”

As well the Aruba event has financial problems, brought also by the closure of the refinery on the island. Now the Slalom discipline got cancelled for 2012. The PWA wants to secure the Freestyle event there, but it is possible that the event dates may be moved to later in the year.

And like last year, Costa Brava will be a men´s only event. PWA: “The organisers have pushed hard to bring the women’s division back to the event, but in the end, the available funding was simply not sufficient and the event will go ahead for men only now.”