Great comeback of Philip Köster in the Double Elimination winning his second PWA Wave Worldtitle. Traversa is still in the game for the event victory!


Philip Köster 2012 PWA Wave World Champion – Pic: PWA/John Carter




“I will try to ride solid and keep it simple”, Thomas Traversa stated yesterday and he sticked to his plans and won 4 heats in a row this morning against Robby Swift, Kauli Seadi, current Worldchampion Philip Köster and Spaniard Victor Fernandez.

His plan worked perfectly and he won a single elimination for the very first time in his career!! Big congratulations Thomas. With really high scores in waveriding, two waves and one jump were counted, he surprised his opponents. And not one single result was a really close one. Thomas controlled all heats. He almost sticked a perfect Frontside Wave 360° initiating from the other direction as usual in the heat against Philip Köster.


Thomas can relax in the hot tub – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Victor Fernandez had a solid final heat, but was missing some points. Finally Thomas Traversa got the points he deserved for many years already and was able to show, that he was one of the most underrated wave sailors in the past. Something has changed, maybe the live scoring system is the reason. A single incredible jump like a perfect double Forward can´t compensate average waveriding. 

He always uses much smaller gear compared to most of his opponents and likes to talk in understatement style: “Overall I don´t deserve more than to be ranked in between 6th and 8th place. My strong side is riding side offshore and sideonshore Wavesailing, but in starboard tack conditions, what´s actually my favourite tack. I travelled a lot to Portugal (Guincho), Morocco, Fuerteventura, even Maui. In the past I tried to adopt my style towards this porttack conditions, what fits better to the current PWA tour.”

He did not need a double Forward to make it on top of the podium. “I stayed relaxed, I knew the wave riding was the most important so I concentrated on that,” Traversa said. “Then I got the backloop, I was so happy. That’s my best result ever!” 


Thomas Traversa – Pic: PWA/John Carter



Straight after the single elimination, we just saw a break of 15 minutes, the double elimination got started at Klitmøller and we saw Philip Köster starting his revenge and storming back through to secure his second PWA Wave world title in a row.

His first opponend was the Brazilian Kauli Seadi, who was ripping right from the off today, as his no fear, radical attitude proved to be a winning formula. On several occasions the three times world champion delivered some astonishing, vertical, backside slashes, which were unrivaled. Kauli was only missing points in jumping to break into the top four.

Kauli showed amazing Backside turns – Pic: PWA/John Carter


After this heat, Köster  we saw the clash of the titans with his long time rival, Victor Fernandez. Heat fifty held the power and potential to make or break Köster’s dream of defending his PWA wave world title. If he defeated Fernandez, then the wonder kid would claim his second successive world crown, whilst a loss would mean he would have to wait until Sylt, in nine days time, to seal his fate.

Both sailors, Victor and Philip,  gave a display of epic proportions as Fernandez opened with a perfect Double Forward, before changing to a smaller board for his wave riding mission. Unfortunately for him, Köster responded with also a perfect Double Forward. The pick of the bunch saw the reigning world champion land a huge backside 360 on a logo high section, as he put everything on the line for the victory. Even an exceptional wave from Fernandez couldn’t halt Köster from marching to the title. The Spaniard scored one of the waves of the day, as he linked a couple of powerful turns, sending plumes of spray flying, before launching into an outrageous frontside aerial. Unfortunately for Fernandez, the last wave ride brought him only 5,5 from the judges, although he started with a nice Backside Aerial and continued with nice turns, riding until the beach. 

Philip Köster: “I’m super stoked, it’s the second time that I’ve won the world championship. It’s pretty crazy for me. Cold Hawaii (KlitmKlitmøller) seems to bring me a lot of luck, I’m not sure why, but I feel amazing!”


Philip Köster – Pic: PWA/John Carter


In the winners final Thomas Traversa was hoping to secure his first ever event victory and the Frenchmen set out as though he meant serious business as he threw himself into and end-over-end double forward. From here, Traversa, set about solely hunting out the waves, but he wasn’t quite in the same irresistible form as earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Köster, with the pressure off him landed the jump of the contest as he rotated his way through a trademark, fully planing double forward. The landing resulted in the sacrifice of his board and with no spare on the beach he lost a couple of minutes from the heat. However, even this inconvenience couldn’t stop Köster, and he was soon attacking the waves with more venom than ever. By the end of the heat he had landed a superb backside 360 and a simply stunning reverse as he stomped his authority over the event. It was soon revealed that Köster had won the winners’ final, however the fading light meant that the super final will have to wait until tomorrow at least. The windforecast looks promising for Saturday with winds from northerly direction, but the waves are dropping in height.


Rippers of the Double Elimination

Leon Jamaer  enjoyed a brilliant day as he secured his best finish to date. The young German was able to win three successive heats as he dispatched of fellow countryman Michael Kleingaarn, the super talented Jules Denel and Ireland’s Mikey Clancy  as he secured equal ninth overall, with his super tweaked pushloops in particular proving to be a massive hit with the judges. The next battle against, Dany Bruch, though proved one hurdle too many in heat forty-five. Peter Volwater also experienced a fantastic day as the Dutchman fought his way from the very first round of the double elimination to claim joint ninth as well, after winning four heats in a row. At this point he met an on fire Kauli Seadi. 


Wave of the Day

Dany Bruch claimed the highest scoring wave of the day in heat forty-five as he scored 8.6 points across the board. Bruch let loose against, Leon Jamaer, as he ripped a wave to shreds. To top off his super slick turns he finished the wave with a monstrous, super clean, frontside wave 360, which left the crowd and the judges in awe.


The skippers’ meeting has been called for 10am tomorrow morning with the action commencing from 10:30am. 


Current Standings

1st Philip Köster (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins)
1st Thomas Traversa (Tabou / Gaastra)
3rd Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North)
4th Ricardo Campello (JP / NeilPryde / MFC)
5th Kauli Seadi (JP / NeilPryde)


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