Ricardo Campello wins the single elimination at the 2011 PWA Kia @coldhawaii World Cup.

“I am really, really happy, it has been a long time since I have won a single elimination, since my freestyle career. I am really pleased with my sailing in the last two heats; I really needed it, as Philip and Victor are so good. I landed a push-forward in both heats, which is so hard in the conditions today. It was super hard to stay upwind but I managed to work it out, there is a lot to go, but at least I am safe in the top two,” says an overhappy Ricardo Campello.

Winners Single Elimination - Pic: PWA/John Carter




After 11 intense hours of competition it was Ricardo Campello, to win the single elimination. Some of the most extreme conditions seen on the 2011 tour fuelled the wave fleet through the single elimination. Waves reaching well over mast high and winds blowing over forty knots, put the sailors on their smallest equipment and ensured a great show for the spectators.

It was no surprise, the top four spots were filled with Kauli Seadi, the 2010 world champion Victor Fernandez Lopez, Ricardo Campello and the current tour leader Philip Koster. Having finished in ninth place in Tenerife, Fernandez Lopez was eager to rectify his position and quickly went about landing perfect double forwards and delivering some smooth wave rides to secure his place in the winner’s final, knocking Seadi in the losers final.
But Campello was the man on fire in the extreme conditions, taking every opportunity to launch into his most impressive jumps. Campello wowed the crowds with a gargantuan double forward loop and a well-executed pushloop forward against Köster. Philip Köster tried his hardest to make his jumps but he wasn’t looking his usual self against Campello. Campello was rewarded for his bravery and he cruised into the final, pushing Koster in the loser’s final for the first time this season.

Ricardo Cutback - Pic: PWA/John Carter


The Winner´s Final
Campello’s winning streak continued into the winners final and he went onto defeat Fernandez Lopez with his astounding double forwards and an 11.5 point scoring pushloop forward. Fernandez Lopez tried to match Campello’s moves but he was unable to gain the same height in his double forward’s.



1st Ricardo Campello
2nd Victor Fernandez Lopez
3rd Philip Koster
4th Kauli Seadi
5th Kenneth Danielsen
5th John Skye
5th Thomas Traversa
5th Ross Williams
9th Daniel Bruch
9th Phil Horrocks
9th Kevin Mevissen
9th Dario Ojeda