The first edition of the Victor Fernandez Center Club PWA Youth World Cup, which was held between the 2nd-5th January, gained a result in every age category in the wave discipline, but unfortunately no result was gained in the slalom discipline.

Over the course of the 4 day event 38 of the world’s most promising youth’s, from 7 different countries, registered for the contest and after a quiet few days the last day provided the action. 

PWA Youth Event in Almerimar

PWA Junior World Cup in Almerimar 2018

Result PWA Junior World Cup 2018

Youth Male Under 20
1st Henri Kolberg
2nd Miguel Chapuis
3rd Julian Flechet

Youth Female Under 20
 1st Tessa Van der Meer
2nd Nikki Van der Meer
3rd Regina Villegas

Youth Male Under 17
1st Jose Casanova
2nd Marino Gil
3rd Titouan Flechet

Youth Female Under 17
1st Mar de Arce
2nd María Morales
3rd Elena Cantón

Youth Male Under 15
1st Lennart Neubauer
2nd Nicolo Spanne
3rd Miguel Casanova

Youth Male Under 13
1st Tobias Anderesen
2nd Miguel Mirón