The final day of the PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival at Pozo Izquierdo brought what every one was looking for: stronger wind and higher waves from the early morning on. Philip Köster, the favourite for the event title, was the first sailor on the water. He sailed on a 5,0 m and a 87 l big board. And that combo was fine to land some great moves like clean double Forwards, Backside 360s, Backloops, normal Forwards and even freestyle moves like a Flaka diablo.



Philip Köster riggs his gear early in the morning to be ready for the competition.


Later the waves got even better and a few other riders made it on the water: Ben Proffitt, Boujmaa Guilloul, Flo Jung, Eleazar Alonso, Karin Jaggi, Victor Fernandez, Thomas Traversa, Gollito Estredo, Justyna Sniady, Jonas Ceballos, Peter Volwater, Markus Rydberg, Christofer Friijs and many more.

The conditions looked all right and we thought that the trials would be started very soon. But the PWA crew decided to wait and decide later what to run first: the trial heats,  the ladies single elimination or the third option, a super session.

Around midday the high tide came and the wind and waves dropped again. Around 13.30 the PWA announced that the competition for ladies and men is called off and a supersession will be started at 14.15. We met a very disappointed Justyna Sniady at her comeback event: “I was so motivated to show that I am back on the tour again. There is always a risk the other events might not happen and it is a shame we did not get the 100% guaranteed Pozo event. Now I didn’t get the chance, but let’s see and hope for good conditions at the other events!”



The supersession got started at 14.15.  Four qualifying men heats first with the top 2 of each 8 man heat advancing. Afterwards a ladies heat with 8 competitors followed.

Ricardo Campello, Philip Köster, Victor Fernandez, Eleazar Alonso, Alessio Stillrich, Marcilio Browne, Jules Denel and Gollito Estredo made it to the final of the super session. Gollito landed big Shakas and a great Air Chachoo. It was just great to watch the showman of the event! Ricardo Campello landed a big fully planed Forward, a double Forward and a high tweaked Pushloop. Marcilio Browne collected big points with a high Double Forward. Hot shot local Alessio went for a very clean high one footed Backloop and planed through a tweaked Pushloop. Victor Fernandez’s double Forward was a highlight of the super session, too. Jules Denel showed a Backloop and a Pushloop and Eleazar Alonso went for a Tabletop Forward. Philip landed his usual perfect Double Forward Loop and Backloop variations, a no handed Backloop and a Backloop with changing the hands. In the end it was Philip Köster, who won the supersession, followed by Victor Fernandez and Ricardo Campello. Marcilio Browne made it in fourth.

“I was a bit disappointed that we were not able to run the real competition this year. I was hoping till the last day of the event that the wind and waves will return as usual. But it was not enough in the end. So I am happy about the victory in the super session!” (Philip Köster about the PWA Wind & Wave Festival 2013)



It seemed as the ladies were powered up quite a bit in their heat. Daida Ruano Moreno improved her jumps compared to last year and showed stalled Forwards and Backloops. Her twin sister Iballa, she was not able to train much during the past two months as she were sick, tried to answer with a clew first Backloop, but did not land it. She went for a Tabletop Forward later. Daida scored big points with a one handed Backloop and a big stalled textbook Forward. She mentioned in an interview with us, that she jumps two times higher, when it’s windy. Karin Jaggi landed a Backloop and a Forward. In the end it was Daida, who won the supersession of the event, followed by Iballa and Karin Jaggi. Steffi Wahl made it in fourth.


“It was bad luck that we could not run any eliminations at the this year’s Pozo Wind & Wave festival, but I am very happy that we were able to run at least a supersession with a result. And for sure, I am really happy that I ‘ve won this time. I would like to thank all members from our club for the great work before and at the event. Without their great effort the event wouldn’t have been possible! Muchas gracias!” (Daida Ruano Moreno)


Congrats to all winners. The supersession was a great show at the end of the event and let’s hope to see more wind and bigger waves or real swell in 2014. Anyway, the result of the super session could have been the result of a single or double elimination. The pricemoney will be distributed among all sailors.