9.07.2013 – Day 1 at the PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2013 in Pozo

Steady 5 Beaufort welcomed us this morning at the beach of Pozo, but the bay was absolutely flat, no waves were breaking. This was not a good sign. After the registration the official opening took place. The tent was packed and all visitors watched the official 25 year Pozo event teaser. During the afternoon the wind dropped completely and shifted from north eastern to south western direction.

In the afternoon the PWA crew released the heats of the trials. We will see 3 heats of 4 riders, with the best 2 advancing from each heat. All three heats are packed with top sailors. Let’s see, if the locals can take advantage of their spot knowledge. All of the riders in the trials know the spot well and have to be ready during the next days. The wind doesn’t look very promising for tomorrow, but in Pozo anything can happen.



Heat 1:
Alessio Stillrich
Tuomo Nalisavaara
Flo Jung
Markus Rydberg


Heat 2:
Jonas Ceballos
Christopher Friijs
Gollito Estredo
Moritz Mauch


Heat 3:
Eleazar Alonso
Martin Ten Hoeve
Justin Denen
Kevin Mevissen


Skippersmeeting will be held at 10.00 with a first possible start at 10.30.