On the third day of the PWA Waveriding World Cup in Pozo, Gran Canaria three heats of the ladies single elimination got finished

Karin Jaggi with a nice Tabletop

The wind and the waves picked up a bit more compared to the previous day here at Pozo and the PWA crew decided to start the ladies single elimination in the afternoon around 15.15. 3 heats got valid results. But the ladies definitely had a hard time to find good waves to ride or jump. The best out of it made Nayra Alonso, who had an excellent wave selection. She placed herself far outside and could ride waves till the inside of the bay. Due to the fact that the wind was very much onshore this afternoon the windangle for the cutbacks was a hard one. Some of the ladies were really unhappy about the conditions they had to sail in. Evi Tsape told us: “It was extremely hard and in a way not fair to send us out today.”

We also saw a big upset. Karin Jaggi lost in the first round of the single elimination to Silvia Alba. “Jaggi and Alba Orozco sailed a particularly close heat, with both sailors landing clean forward loops and working the waves for all they were worth. When the judges totted up the score sheets Alba Orozco won the vote over Jaggi with her superior wave scores”, the PWA stated after th eresults got announced.

Newcomer Eva Oude Ophius surprised the judges with active sailing and good backside waveriding. She could advance against French Fanny Aubet.

Daida Moreno showed nice Backside Wave 360° in the warm-up period

Evi Tsape from Greece, who has her comeback on the PWA Tour after her horrible windsurfing crash while a bad rotated forward loop, where she ended up with a hangman´s fracture on the 6th of March 2010, lost to Nayra Alonso, who definitely took advantage of her local knowledge this time. Alice Arutkin, Iballa Ruano Moreno and Laure Treboux also made it to the second round. Daida Ruano Moreno already were seeded in round 2.


The heat between Polish hot shot JustynaSniady, who obviously improved a lot while her stay in Australia last winter  and German Heike Reimann got cancelled due to lack of wind and waves. They both are the next to get on the water again, when the competition gets continued.

Victor Fernandez

Afterwards the men went out for some training. Victor Fernandez and Philip Köster impressed with super safe moves like backside 360ties, Frontloops, Backloops, even double Forwards in relatively light conditions. We can expect a big show when the nuclear winds will be back in the bay of Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria!

So let´s keep fingers crossed, that the conditions will improve and we can report from massive action. The cams are ready!!


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