Strong offshore conditions on day 2 of the Slalom competition (Pic: PWA/Carter).

 Wild Slalom action with two Slalom eliminations and two French winners on the second day at Sotavento


Day 2 of the Slalom competition at Sotavento saw a comeback of the trade winds. During the first elimination of the day, which got started in moderate windconditions and high tide – the beach in front of the eventtent was only a very small stripe anymore – the wind picked up to 30 knots and Antoine Albeau took the second victory, in front of an extremely strong sailing Julien Quentel and Björn Dunkerbeck.

Antoine Albeau wins the second race - Pic: Susi Timm



Just 15 minutes after the end of elimiantion 2 the race crew immediatley went into round 3. The course was set with an incredible deep first leg and four jibe marks, like in both previous eliminations. The wind picked up in gusts to 35 knots and the sailors were flying over the course. While the elimination the wind shifted more and more into straight offshore direction, which forced the race crew to change the course. Both favourites, Antoine Albeau and Björn Dunkerbeck did not qualify for the winner´s final in this third elimination.


Cyril Moussilmani leading the third elimination - Pic:

Cyril Moussilmani and Peter Volwater had a hard fight in the extremely short course. The first leg was very close to the beach and the specatators could follow the action very well this time. Cyril had an amazing first jibe and could hold off Peter Volwater, who now sits in excellent second position overall after three eliminations. Ben van der Steen made it into third position, Cedric Bordes in 4th and the Moussilmani twins Sylvain and Benoit in 5th and 6th. So this was definitely a Moussilmani festival. All of them made it into the final.



We were taking the time of the losersfinal and winnersfinal. Cyril Moussilmani the winner of the winnersfinal needed 2:17min to finish the course, whereas Antoine Albeau, the winner of the losersfinal needed 2:10min, 7 sec. faster. So, no real loser.


The 4th elimination will see the first discard and could bring changes in the overall standing. The skippersmeeting is scheduled for 10.00 and the first possible start at 10.30. The windforecast looks very strong and we can expect crazy action on the slalom course.



  1. Antoine Albeau
  2. Peter Volwater
  3. Björn Dunkerbeck

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