Finally, on the final day of the PWA Freestyle Worldcup the usual strong wind arrived. The men´s double elimination got completed and another full ladies double elimination was held. In the end Sarah-Quita Offringa and Gollito Estredo defended their Single Elimination result and claimed the event victory.






On the final day we saw 7 hours of competition, starting at 11.30 and ending at 18.30. The racecrew decided to run 9 minutes long heats to give the riders enough time to show their full potential. The wind constantly picked up from 4,8 to 4,2 and in the late afternoon to 4,0 conditions. 17 men heats and a full ladies double elimination got completed.

We saw an amazing comeback of Steven van Broeckhoven, who made his way back through the Double Elimination. The current world champion won 6 heats in a row. He defeated Yegor Popretinskiy, Taty Frans, Björn Saragoza, Dieter van der Eyken, Kiri Thode and Tonky Frans. But then, a fully focused, 4 times world champion was waiting for Steven.

Gollito decided to start the heat against Steven from the inside and used the whole event area like no one else. He did some air moves using the small steep ramps, which were breaking close to the beach. He landed a massive Airchacho and the Pasko. Steven had a big cramp in his right forearm and was not able to stretch the arm while sailing anymore. Despite his physical problems he landed his best Shove It Spock of his career. We got in on video, stay tuned. Gollito claimed the victory and is on his way to the 5th worldtitle. One or two more events will happen in 2012: Sylt and eventually Vietnam.


Watch our short interview with Gollito



In the ladies competition Sarah-Quita put the hammer down and won the 2nd double elimination, as well by defeating Laure Treboux. Laure sailed excellent, but Sarah-Quita is currently sailing on such a high level that she is very hard to beat. Laure felt much more comfortable on her Freestyle gear compared to the previous days. And everybody witnessed that she improved a lot compared to last year. Yoli de Brendt and Arrianne Aukes had a hard fight for place 3 on the podium. The Dutch lady finished the double elimination in third winning against Yoli. So they both were equal in points and they had to sail a another heat to know the final winner. Again it was Arrianne, who won the critical heat and finished the event in third.


Sarah-Quita seems to be stoked about her victory. Watch her statement:






1. Sarah-Quita Offringa

2. Laure Treboux

3. Arianne Aukes

4. Yoli de Brendt

5. Eva Chiochetti, Svetlana Martynova

full result



1. Gollito Estredo

2. Steven van Broeckhoven

3. Tonky Frans

4. Kiri Thode

5. Dieter van der Eyken

full result


The dates for the 2013 Sotavento event are fixed already. The event will take place from the 19.07. till the 03.08.2013.