The Belgian freestyle windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken reports for us from the PWA World Cup in Bonaire. After a full Double Elimination, Dieter is on an awesome 6th place. In the second Single Elimination Dieter sailed again in the top 8.
Dieter van der Eyken
Nationality: Belgium
Sailnumber: B-35
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On day 3 the conditions here on Bonaire where lighter than the days before, in combination with the super low waters as the full moon is coming soon, it turned out to be a show of light wind in ankle deep water where even the freestylers got stuck into the sand sometimes on their 18cm fins. Also the judges only counted 3 out of 6 moves today due the lack of strong enough wind to give us the time to wait for some gusts.

Caesar Finies showing his light wind tricks - Pic: PWA/John Carter


The single actually started already yesterday evening with sailing it till heat 12 to get the single done for sure on day 3. On this evening we saw in the second round an early exit from Julien Mas (13th in the double) against Ian Mouro Lemos (17th in the double), who sailed a very consistent heat, definitely enjoying the stronger winds we got in the evening.
On the first heat of today we saw the youngster Youp Smith putting a very nice heat together against Quincy Offringa with nice Konos, Culos and his new trademark move the no-handed Flaka Diablo which left a not so consistently sailing Quincy behind him and giving Youp a way trough the next round. Also we saw in this heat a good heat of Yegor Popretinskiy after his fast exit in the double yesterday but although the good heat was not enough against a Davy Sheffers, who was totally rocking in this light wind conditions.
In the next heat we saw upcoming talent from El Yaque Deivis Parternina taking down Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers with a solid heat making a nice combination of ss moves and normal Konos and Culo in the light wind conditions far from easy to do. Leaving Bubble behind him on the scoring sheets to fight it out in the next round against his good travel friend and 4-times world champion Gollito. But he was already in the top 16 from the single.

Beautiful beach - Pic: PWA/John Carter

In the third round me and Björn had a heat again in very light wind, I was just planning on my 4.7. I gave everything I could, putting together a nice heat opening with a double ss Chacho followed by a nice Culo to give me confidence through the heat pulling of a normal Chacho and Shaka both sides. I knew I had a good shot as I saw Björn crashing on his first Culo. In the end he still sailed good with moves like Shaka, Burner and ss Flaka. I could advance to the 4th round. Also Tilo Eber and Choco Frans had a nice revenge match again, which got won by Choco definitely showing off he was raised on this spot and has a big talent in himself sailing home a strong sailing Tilo Eber for the second time in a row.
Further in this round we saw Tonky stepping up his game again defeating Phil Soltysiak. Sheffers taking down Youp Smith and Steven Van Broeckhoven keeping a good sailing Antony Ruenes behind him. Taty feeling home at his homespot against Ian Mouro Lemos, who definitely prefered the stronger wind conditions from the day before. And both Kiri and Gollito (who had 2 very nice catapults true the shallow waters) winning against their opponents Akgazciyan and Deivis Paternina.

Gollito no handed Flaka - Pic: PWA/John Carter

In the 4th round we saw the top 4 guys sailing their way through to the half finals. Me and Steven had a nice Belgian heat giving all we’ve got in the already very light wind conditions. Landing moves like Chacho, Culo, Shaka and Airfunnel 900 wasn’t enough against Steven, who was sailing unbelievable in the light winds doing Ponches, Airfunnel into Funnel and finishing off with a Barracuda it was a lost case.
Davy put up a good fight against Gollito but couldn’t manage to beat him again like he did in Podersdorf. On the way in he maybe was a little bit better than Golitto but on the way out Gollito was just killing him making him pass into the half final. Also Taty took down his older brother Tonky again and Kiri stopped his Bonairian colleague Choco Frans to advance into the half final.
In the half final we saw a close heat between both Steven vs Taty and Gollito vs Kiri. Steven was sailing extremely well in the light wind conditions although he is for sure not the lightest sailor of the competition pumping his way into one power move after the other with almost no wind. That left the tactical sailing Taty Frans on the catch up although pulling nice double ss moves coming in and Burners going out, he couldn’t overtake Steven with his Airfunnel-funnels, Baracuda and no handed Flaka diablo’s.
Kiri sailed a very strong heat again landing his normal moves like Airbob, Culo, Kabikuchi and Burner on one side and on the way in a nice Double Puneta, Shaka flaka and Airflaka-Flaka. Gollito made it a hard decision for the judges as he sailed a great heat also, landing sick Burners on both tacks a comparable Culo, a nice double no-handed Flaka putting up a great fight against leading Kiri Thode. In the end Kiri won pretty tight putting him in the winners final against Steven Van Broeckhoven.
In the losers final Gollito couldn’t put the same heat together like against Kiri but still was sailing really good with the same moves only not landing his Burners on the both sides leaving the door open for Taty to push through to make him win the heat. Doing moves like one handed Ponch-flaka, Airfunnel-funnel, Burners and double Esliders split over his both tacks. Taty scored high on variety, which made him win the loser final putting him in third place in the single.

Kiri watching Steven - Pic: PWA/John Carter

In the winners final we saw the same final as in Podersdorf Steven against Kiri Thode. Would the Belgian sailor be able to defeat Kiri on his homespot or would Kiri take the upper hand again and put this second single elimination also on his name. The heat started and both sailors started with a nice Culo, than each did their own routine. Both sailed incredible. Steven was throwing a perfect Airfunnel-Funnel, big Burner and nice Kono on the way out while Kiri did an unbelievable Airbob, a massive Kono and a nice Airfunnel-Funnel also. But didn’t manage to do his Grubby into Ponch like he was doing all the days before but still landing all his other moves clean and making Björn´s signature move the Flakashaka perfectly dry while on the other hand Steven didn’t make his Barracuda right in front of the judges but did manage to pump himself into a Flaka into Ponch a bit water starting coming out, a sick jumping Flaka into Flaka and a nice Shaka Flaka to put on a good score against Kiri. In the end Steven won the heat with a very close decision making Steven Van Broeckhoven win the second single elimination.

Steven wins the second single - Pic: PWA/John Carter


In the girls fleet we saw the same results this time again as in the first double. Sarah was having one of here best heats in the half final doing probably the first double spock ever by a woman in a competition and scoring high points with here Bobs and ss Chacho making here definitely “the” woman out there. Laure was also sailing really good even trying shovit-Spocks in these light winds in here heat against Sarah but didn’t make the landing, but maybe that’s a move for her tomorrow in the double. Yoli de Brendt held off Arrianne Aukes who took down Xenie Kessler again in the first round. Sailing smooth with Flaka, Spocks and Esliders in almost every heat. While Kessler seemed not to be able to land here ss moves in the lighter wind conditions.
That was the single, today we already started with the double but more about that in the report of tomorrow!
Cheers Dieter