The waiting game continues as the PWA’s elite race force are held on the beautiful Catalunyan beach for another full day.

After heavy rain the sun came out in the evening - Pic: Continentseven

A promising forecast fooled many from the finest slalom fleet into thinking that the competition would commence on schedule today. However, the weather gods had a completely different plan.

By mid morning the clouds had moved in, bringing plenty of rain, which caused a lot of racers to reach for their umbrellas rather than their boards. Race director Juan Antonio Aragon and his crew made every effort to ensure racing would start at the earliest opportunity, but the wind failed to arrive leaving the sailors on standby for the entire day.

This leaves the event standings the same as yesterday with Karin Jaggi (Patrik, Severne) and Valerie Arrighetti (Tabou, Loft, Mystic) on equal points at the top of the women’s fleet. And, Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne, Mystic) just ahead of Antoine Albeau (JP, NeilPryde) in the men’s.

© Text: PWA/Paul Griffiths

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And…the 8th dwarf was seen at Costa Brava checking out the action.

Men’s Results After One Race

1st Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne, Mystic) 5.2pts

2nd Antoine Albeau (JP, NeilPryde) 6.5pts

3rd Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard, North) 7.5pts

4th Micah Buzianis (JP, NeilPryde)13.5pts

5th Ross Williams (Tabou, Gaastra) 16.5pts

Women’s Results After Two Races

1st Valerie Arrighetti (Tabou, Loft) 2.7pts

1st Karin Jaggi (Patrik, Severne) 2.7pts

3rd Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Gaastra) 7pts