With the wind being stronger than on the previous days, the 2nd Single Elimination was more spectacular than the first elimination. The PWA writes in its press release: “… the action … was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before as the sailors took freestyle to a totally different level.” 




Gollito Estredo won his first elimination this year and Sarah-Quita Offringa proved once again that she is unbeatable. At the moment Kiri Thode is leading the provisional ranking in front of Gollito Estredo, Amado Vrieswijk, Tonky Frans and Steven van Broeckhoven. In the ladies Sarah-Quita Offringa is on top of the ranking in front of Arrianne Aukes, Maaike Huvermann and Oda Johanne.


Tomorrow (June 24) is the final day of competition and the riders are highly motivated to show their capabilities! Let’s see, if Dieter van der Eyken was right with his preview.


Gollito Estredo

After finishing on the 6th place (together with Dieter van der Eyken) in the 1st Double Elimination, Gollito Estredo wins the 2nd Single Elimination. The 5-times World Champion showed a lot of diversity and airtime and deserved to win this elimination.  




Amado Vrieswijk

The 18 year old Amado Vrieswijk made it for the very first time into a winners final on the PWA Tour and finished the Single Elimination on the 2nd place behind Gollito. He was probably sailing the “heat of the day” against Kiri Thode in the semi final showing a HUGE Air Kabikuchi, one handed Burner, Air Bob, etc. Watch this heat on video: Amado vs. Kiri

Amado: “What can I say? Super stoked, became 2nd, leaving guys like Taty, Youp and Kiri behind me today in the 2nd single elimination. Guys I look up to because of their incredible skills on the water. Congratulations to Gollito Estredo and Sarah-Quita, todays winners !!


Sarah-Quita OffringaSarah-Quita Offringa 

There is no doubt about it, Sarah-Quita Offringa is the Queen of Freestyle. No one of the ladies can keep up with her level. After finishing her study and being able to train more, she made again a big step and lands all her moves pretty safe. Culos both ways, Funnells, Shakas, Burners, Konos, Double Flakas, etc.  



Oda Johanne

The Norwegian Oda made her homework, trained hard during the winter and was able to finish for the first time within the top three of an elimination. The third place in the ladies is strongly contested between Oda, Maaike Huvermann and Yoli de Brendt. 




Hugo de Sousa

Hugo de Sousa

In the second round of the 2nd Single Elimination Hugo de Sousa gave Kiri Thode a hard time. Compared to the last year, the Brazilian has learnt a lot competition wise, sails more constant and is a feared opponent. Hugo: “I made it into the second round of the single and lost only by two points against Kiri Thode!! I was sailing really good, had better moves on starboard tack than Kiri!! 48 out of 60 possible points was my highest score so far, so I’m pretty stoked!”


Jeremy Plüss

The Swiss windsurfer Jeremy Plüss was responsible for the first big upset of the day. With perfect Kabikuchis, Culos and planing Konos he won against Davy Scheffers in the second round, who was crashing a lot. But we need to mention, Davy Scheffers is not 100% fit. The Dutch had injured his hand and got his cast off just before the competition. Nevertheless Jeremy showed great skills and deserves to be in the top 16.



The re-sail

Nicolas Akgazciyan and Youp Schmit had to re-sail their heat. Youp has won the heat, but Nicolas was missing a move on the judges sheet. After some discussions they re-sailed the heat. Youp was mad as hell, but won.





Results Men’s Second Single Elimination 
1st Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
2nd Amado Vrieswijk
3rd Kiri Thode
4th Tonky Frans


Results Women’s Second Single Elimination 
1st Sarah-Quita Offringa 
2nd Arrianne Aukes 
3rd Oda Johanne 
4th Maaike Huvermann