PULS Boards is a windsurfing custom board manufacturer from Poland. The owner Stefan Leciejewski has been making boards for several years and founded PULS Boards in 2012. Puls Boards: “Another year on the water is behind us with a lot of  built boards based on the feedback from our team riders and from our customers who trust in us and joined to PULS family. Thank you!”
Their range consits of 4 wave boards one freestyle board with retail prices starting at 1270€ (with standard design but without fins).


PULS Board Range 2017

Puls Board range 2017

PULS Boards range 2017

PRO Wave

PULS PRO Wave 2017, available in 7sizes

PULS PRO Wave 2017, available in 7sizes

PULS Boards: “The PRO Wave Thruster is the best choice for someone who looks for a versatile board in European wave conditions. A V-double concave bottom shape combined with a sharp rail gives you loads of grip and a great water flow through the turn. Added volume around the mast increases wave-catching ability and gives you extra ease in float-and-ride conditions. The PRO Wave is available with three different rockers: turny, fast and allround which will make the board a bump & ride machine. Bigger double concave in the nose smoothly cuts every chop that comes in your way.”
The PRO Wave line has 7 different board sizes in the line, from 75 to 105 liters and is an allround shape with a trifin setup.



PULS QS Wave 2017, available in 5 sizes

PULS QS Wave 2017, available in 5 sizes

PULS Boards: “The QS is the most radical wave oriented board in our line. 4 fins and a hard, sharp rail in the tail area provide tons of drive and grip, while fuller, softer rails in the nose give ease, glide and comfort in even the most tweaked out, progressive maneuvers. The single concave in the nose condenses the water, which is then evenly distributed onto the double concave in the mid section and released with a V-shape in the tail, increasing boards speed and looseness. The QS line is available with a turny or allround rocker.”

The Q.S. is the most radical Quad wave line, available in 5 sizes from 72 to 96 liters.




PULS COMPACT 2017, available in 3 sizes

PULS COMPACT 2017, available in 3 sizes

PULS Boards: “The COMPACT is a proud representative of the new school, more trick-oriented style of wave riding. Short, compact outline provides great maneuverability and a huge wind range. Easy planing and snappy turns in small and medium-sized waves characterize this board best. Longer, hard rails combined with low-volume rails for tons of drive, a better grip and a fast response. The swallow tail loosens the board up for an unmatched feeling.”
The COMPACT is a stubby board with a swallow tail, available in 3 sizes from 80 to 100 liters.





PULS INTRO Wave 2017, available in 4 sizes

PULS INTRO Wave 2017, available in 4 sizes

PULS Boards: “The Intro is designed for people who appreciate early planing, but don’t want to give up the fun of wave riding. With a V-bottom shape combined with a shallow double concave the board feels great on flat water as well as chop and small to medium sized waves. A flatter deck gives a nice comfortable stance in float-and-ride conditions and also provides a surfboard feeling. Fuller rails in the nose guarantee stability and seamless glide through the turns. It’s available with rounded squash or swallow tail for a loose feeling.”
The INTRO is a freewave board, available in 4 sizes from 85 to 115 liters. It comes with a trifin thruster fin setup.





PULS GAME freestyle 2017, available in 3 sizes

PULS GAME freestyle 2017, available in 3 sizes

PULS Boards: “The Game is going to make your way into freestyle windsurfing as easy as it gets, no matter whether you are learning your first sliding tricks or if you go for crazy new power moves. Speed, easy pop, agility and durability all this combined will help you bring your freestyle skills to the next level. A straight outline together with a flat rocker make sure you get the speed you need for tricks in any conditions. Sharp edges and V-shaped tail will enable you to carve aggressively to make the power moves easier. The thin tail makes the pop effortless.  The durable custom technology guarantees that the board will survive even the hardest training. So do you dare to play the Game?”
The GAME is the freestyle board. It’s available in three sizes from 82 to 102 liters.



How to costumize the board

First you choose the board technology depening on your riding abilites and spots you are sailing at. For most of the riders our basic technology “Silver” is enough, but if you sail in places like Pozo for example, where the board has to lay on a beach full of rocks, our Platinum technology with full kevlar layer is the best technology. You can also add additional fin-boxes, and choose the type of it, choose your rocker, type of tail, additional reinforcements and also you can choose the graphic.

Without any additional costs everybody can personalize the look of the board in two steps. In the first step you choose colours and in the second step you choose the element from Felippes art work, which will be the main motive on your board. Further you can add your fin-set and choose beetween Maui Ultra Fins or K4 fins.

PULS Boards colour & graphic desigs 2017

PULS Boards colour & graphic design example 2017

How to order

If you would like to order a board, you can send an email or fill out a special form on the PULS Boards website. Through the whole process the PULS team will help to find the best possible board solution. At the end you will get all order details by email and the production process can start. The production normally takes about 6-10 weeks and depends on the number of current orders.

You can also check out our stock where different boards are offered with or without graphic. If you find a board in our stock you can get it within two weeks.


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