Learning to Surf DVD

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This DVD gets you on the surf board and improves your maneuvers and techniques!

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This DVD gets you on the surf board and improves your maneuvers and techniques!

Frithjof Gauss, surf teacher in Portugal and author of several successful surfing books demonstrates how to learn surfing from the beginning on and what important steps every body has to go through. If you follow his instructions you can learn surfing properly: from the initial paddle exercises to the take off and duck dive to the supreme disciplines such as tube riding and floaters. With elaborate animations Frithjoff schows you step by step, how it should be done and gives helpful learning tips. It’s a DVD surfing school for all levels. Watch, learn and surf!




The DVD got filmed by Tonix pictures over a production period of 2 years at Fuerteventura and in Morcco. It’s the 24th professional production of Tonix pictures. Main actor Frithjoff “Jagger” Gauss was the first German Longboarding champion. Some parts in the movie got filmed with surfing legend Jürgen Höhnscheid, his daughter Sonny and surfing pros Corey Lopez und Jordy Smith.


“We tried to combine the experience in teaching of 15 years with the modern opportunities of animation, like super slow motion or on board camera sequences. We as well integrated complex animations inside the movie. The DVD does not substitute a surfing lesson, but definitely helps you to improve your surfing. After watching this DVD you will feel much more relaxed at the water plus you will have more fun. And it will help you to improve your moves!” Frithjoff Gauss 



Main content:
basic techniques & paddling, duck dive, take off, surfing spot, currents & tides, surfing regions, weather- and waves, climate zones, priorities & safety, regular and goofy, surfing the shoulder, trim & turn, turning, s-curve combinations, bottom turn, top turn, cut back, floater, 360, tuberide, equipment, warming up, shore break

Extra content: Longboarding, SUP


Length: 137 min. Format: 16:9, PAL, HD 
Sound: Hifi-Stereo Disc: DVD 9, 
Blue Ray Camera: Nils Bade, Torsten Schulze 
Cut: Janne Hanno 
Animation: Tim Retmeyer 
Produced by: Tonix Pictures GmbH 


Language: German & English