Primus Sörling is a young talented freestyle windsurfer from Sweden. He most of the time windsurfs at his home spot Fiskeback in Sweden, where Erik Hakman is his windsurfing coach. This time he travelled to Fuerteventura, where he nailed his favorite freestyle windsurfing moves. And we are impressed! Primus is on fire!!

We went to do some windsurf training in Fuerteventura in the end of february 2022. I sailed mainly at Risco del Paso which has so much variation during the day. You can go on super flat water inside the sandbanks or in the lagoon (watch out for kiters…). Or you can go bump n jump with perfect shaka conditions on the outside. Super fun! This time I sailed a lot with my friends Petter Jakobsson and Robin van Linden. Primus Sörling

Best Freestyle Windsurfing spot in Fuerteventura: Risco del Paso starring Primus Sörling, Petter Jakobsson and Robin van Linden

Filmed & edited by Fredrik Sörling