Umi was again this year at Pozo to film the action during the PWA Wave World Cup.
Umi: “This year’s Pozo was a tough competition but not for the normal Pozo reasons! The wind wasn’t very strong, for the first day there was no wind at all, so the waves weren’t decent and this meant it was really hard for the sailors to show their best. The PWA had no choice but to run the heats in the less than ideal conditions as the event was so short. All this meant that it was a nightmare to shoot and to make matters worse the light was dreadful as it was overcast for most of the time…
Even so there was some great action from the usual suspects; Ricardo, Philip and Victor. Our video this year focuses on them and the amazing show they put on. It was pretty incredible the amount and variation of moves they were able to pull in those conditions. Philip was probably the most radical and progressive with his double takas and double shakas but in the end it was Victor who was more consistent and deserved the wi