Point-7 and Challenger Sails decided to start a new sail development initiative. The two Italian based companies, Point-7 at Lake Garda and Challengersails in Senigallia, will work together from now on. Challengersails is already for incredible 32 years on the windsurfing market. Point-7  is working on sails since 2005 and the brand is for less than 5 years with products on the market. Read more and watch the video!


Claudio Badiali from Challengersails & Andrea Cucchi from Point-7 in the Challenger loft (Pic: Point-7).


High performance windsurfing equipment, capable of winning at the pinnacle level of the sport, can only be developed through a professional loft structure, working with a team of professional designers, skilled technicians and a highly qualified test team. Andrea Cucchi (Point-7) and Claudio Badiali (Challengersails) have both decided to unite their company’s strengths through a collaboration of the Point-7 Test Team and Head of development together with the Challenger Loft Design Team. Challenger sails have a unique structure in Europe to develop and build prototype sails overnight utilising sophisticated design programs, multiple CNC cutters and highly skilled staff of professional craftsmen, which will be able to produce some truly mind blowing development together with the Point-7 team.

A video about the sail development initiative of Challengersails & Point-7

This cooperation is not a merger of the two brands, but a strengthening of their individual company programs and products. This new relationship will produce faster and higher quality-orientated development paths for both brands in their range of products.


Andrea Cucchi from Point-7 comments the initiative with following lines:  “The engineering structure that Challenger has here in Europe is a dream for any windsurfing brand. The opportunity to design a total new sail concept in a matter of hours and then testing it the next morning on the water is what will allow our brand to push forward and stay at the forefront of development. With no limitation in the sail materials we can access, including customised battens and custom quivers to be tested continuously. This is going to be really exciting for all of us; having a large team of professional designers and builders sweat to death to build windsurfing dreams and reach our goals.”


Claudio Badiali from Challenger sails commented the collaboration as following: “Point-7 has shown in the last years an exponential growth in a market at a moment that the world was facing crisis. Andrea was capable of fine tuning race-winning products with a unique style that windsurfers have appreciated. Their services and customer service have brought satisfaction and a real community feeling into windsurfing. A great team, that I will have immense pleasure in supporting with our sail loft structure and sail designers Mario and Francesco Mainero and of course myself. It´s an incredible joint venture to have both Challenger and Point-7, fighting for top winning results and great products for everyone to blast and dominate the world’s waters.”


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