At the end of September the French windsurfer Pierre Garambois, who is a mechanical researcher, visited Holland and Belgium for business reasons and of course he had to bring his windsurfing gear.

Pierre: “I went to the famous Brouwersdam! The “pool” as they call it, really does credit to its name: it is no bigger than a real pool! In the summer it is full of young beginners so a bit too dangerous to sail in, but still, the rest of the spot is nice with some little chops. The place is beautiful and I am always amazed to see a lot of young sailor and a big fervour for the sport, wherever O go in the world. I managed to “escape” from my work for one little rainy session with 5.2… more than enough to see the potential of that spot! It must be amazing with a big North Sea storm!”


And soon the DAM-X Festival will take at Brouwersdam. It will be the 5th EFPT event this year and we hope Brouwersdam will deliver and show its potential. Trailer and more info about the upcoming event: DAM-X