During September we did a picture contest, where the Continentseven users uploaded their pictures in the Continentseven Picture Upload to win some prizes. There were a lot of really nice galleries and it was not easy for the jury to pick the winners. Thanks for your great participation!


Julian Robinet wins a “Four Dimensions Package” including the DVD and a hoody. Check out his Alacati gallery here.

András Horányi-Névy wins a Continentseven T-Shirt “Outline”. We liked his gallery from Prasonisi a lot because it shows so much variety. Gallery of Andras

Michael Clancy wins a custom belt made of sailclothmaterial. His pictures with the rainbow and seagulls impressed us.

And we liked the gallery from Lista (Norway) from Nils Erik Bjørholt. Check out the gallery here. He wins the “Polakow Movie Collections”.

Daniel Dux wins the DVD “From Monday till Sunday”. Check out his nice galleries from Dahab. Gallery 1Gallery 2

To all, who did not win and to all, who would like to win something…. The next Picture Contest is coming soon. So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile we would be happy, if you share your windsurfing sessions with us > Picture Upload