The German wavesailor Klaas Voget gives an insight into the this year´s Fanatic photoshoot on Maui. By the way Klaas has a new website:

Craig Gertenbach coordinating the shoot

Klaas Voget:
This years Fanatic shooting on Maui was one of the first shootings of the “Maui photoshoot-season”. Due to the new Slalom Worldcup in Italy we moved the dates from middle of April to the end of March and it turned out to be a good call. Right on the second and third day of the shoot, our photographer John Carter got a couple of really nice shots from land, water and helicopter in proper masthigh waves. With this perfect start and some good waveshots in the bag, the rest of the 10 days shooting was relatively relaxed with lots of fun for everyone involved. Craig, Sebastian, Nik and Peter left the island a few days ago already, the rest of the team is still here on Maui.

Peter Volwater jibing below the helicopter