The 2011 PWA Wave Worldchampion Philip Köster wins the Supremesurf Big Days in Ahrenshoop, Germany. With perfect Tweaked Pushloop and radical waveriding he could win against Lars Gobisch in a thrilling final.

The winners - Pic: Timo Roth

This was an extreme windsurfing day on the Baltic Sea. 50 knots from southwest challenged the 36 participants, who have gathered on Ahrenshoop beach to determine the king of the waves on the Baltic Sea. Apart from the current wave champion Philip Köster, top riders like Matze Bade, Leon Jamer or Lars and Stefan Gobisch battled for the victory but the German locals could not take advantage of their knowledge of the spot, even though Philip was sailing barefoot, without gloves and hat.

Philip Köster - Pic: Markus Adrian


Philip Köster - Pic: Markus Adrian

During the final the conditions just were brutal. Gust with 54 knots and flying water made it not easy for the two finalist Köster and Gobisch. Just before the start of the final Lars Gobisch took a smaller sail, to have more control, but was not lucky with his wave selection. Philip scored high with an extremly tweaked Pushloop and very high stalled Forward Loop and his extra journey to Germany was rewarded with a victory. “I am super happy! The long journey got rewarded, although the conditions were sometimes out of the comfort zone! But is was much fun!” Philip Köster stated after the final.


1. Philip Köster
2. Lars Gobisch
3. Leon Jamaer
4. Mathias Bade


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